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30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage – Our site is under construction


Abstract Blue Background30-year Fixed Rates are Close to All Time Lows, loan programs to $679,150.00 that use Fannie Mae guidelines for underwriting. This gives us the ability to offer higher loan amounts with relaxed underwriting requirements.

Questions to Consider When Taking Out a 30-year Fixed Rate Mortgage

1. Will you remain in the home for a large number of years?
2. Are you more comfortable with a fixed mortgage payment so you can manage your finances more confidently?
3. Do you feel measurably safer financially with a mortgage payment that stays the same?
4. Do you have less than 20% to bring in as a down payment, thus requiring Mortgage Insurance. We can offer programs with greatly reduced MI factors resulting in lower monthly payments and easier qualifying.


Chances are if you answered yes all of these questions when asked then a 30-year mortgage is the ticket for you. With a 30-year fixed rate mortgage the payments will never ever change (property taxes and home owners insurance increases can cause your payment to increase – principal and interest payment each month will never change.)

Choose The Mortgage Place Inc. – Here’s Why

* Talent Plus – The Mortgage Place Inc. offers 30 plus years of talent and experience to its clients. While not an unbelievable fact, it does mean the company has professionals that get loans closed and do what they say they are going to do.
* Loan Status Updates -  Borrowers are kept in the loop when it comes to the status of their loan application. The days of “they won’t return my phone calls” were never and will never be the case when it comes to knowing where things stand with your loan.
Locating the Top Loan Option for Each Client – We do our utmost best to find the best program at the best rate that is the best option for each and ever one of our clients.