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VA Mortgage Loan Program
Veterans with VA benefits that have questions about the VA mortgage loan program, whether it’s about purchasing or refinancing, are really encouraged to fill out the The Mortgage Place Inc.’s, Fast Loan Analysis form to the right or call us at 505-986-9080. The Mortgage Place Inc., offers the VA Loan program right here in Santa Fe, NM, and everywhere in the State of New Mexico.  If you have any questions please give us a call. We look forward to serving all your VA Loan Program needs.

VA Mortgage Loan Program Information for Veterans
1.  VA Loan benefit is available on a continuous basis. However all prior VA Loans must be paid off.
2.  VA Loan are assumable, with underlying requirements that must be met.
3.  Rental Properties qualify for streamline program. Lending guidelines must be met.
4.  We can work with you to order your certificate of eligibility.

Purchase Money VA Loan Program
1. VA Loan Program offers 100% purchase money (veteran needs no money down)

2. VA Loan Program permits that seller can pay up to 4% of purchase price for the closing cost of the veteran.
3.  VA Loan Program does not require mortgage insurance.
4.  VA Loan Funding Fee is waived for veteran who is 10% or greater disabled.
5.  VA Loan Program purchase money loans are strictly for owner-occupied veteran buyers

1.  VA Loan Program allows veterans to cash out up to 100% (all funds must be used to pay off debt)
2.  VA Loan Program allows veterans to cash out up to 95% directly paid to the borrower when the loan funds.
3.  VA Loan Program allows veterans to refinance their home up to 100% of the equity. VA Loan in place not required.
4.   VA Loan Program does not have mortgage insurance.
5.   VA Loan Program on a refinance the funding fee is not charged if the veteran is 10% or more disabled.

Streamline Refinance
1.  VA Loan streamline program has no income verification requirement.
2.  VA Loan Streamline program potentially offers veterans lower rates or short terms or both.
3.  Borrower must be up to date on their VA Loan for the most recent 12 months of payment history.