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The Mortgage Place - Santa Fe

Located in the historic town known as the City of Holy Faith, Santa Fe NM. The Mortgage Place office is housed in the same compound as the elegant restaurant Santacafe and Sotheby’s Real Estate Office.

The restored and remodeled house was originally built between 1857 and 1862 by Jose Manuel Gallegos, a colorful and controversial priest and politician who had been defrocked by Bishop Lamy in 1852.

Born in Abiquiu in 1815 at what is now considered Ghost Ranch, Padre Gallegos received his early education in Taos under Padre Martinez. After his ordination in Durango, Mexico in 1840, he combined services in the church with political career. In addition to serving as a representative in the legislative bodies of both the Mexican and territorial governments, he was twice elected delegate from the territory to the U.S. Congress 1865–1866 and 1871–1873.

At the time of his death in 1875 Padre Gallegos was one of the most universally known men in the territory of New Mexico.

We are proud of this historic home for the Mortgage Place. We honor Padre Gallegos spirit every day by assisting our clients with compassion and strength of character. Our MortgagePRO TEAM is simply known for the best customer service in the mortgage industry.


The Mortgage Place Loan Officers support The Santa Fe Animal Shelter and The Horse Shelter.

The native people of our land here in New Mexico believe that the meaning of the horse symbol signifies mobility, stamina, strength and power. It is so revered by some tribes that the horse also represents loyalty, love and devotion. The horse symbol was also known as a sign of mutual respect. We feel that the horse represents our sentiment here at The Mortgage Place.

The Horse Shelter located in Santa Fe serves as a sanctuary for New Mexico’s abandoned, abused and neglected horses. Rescued horses will be rehabilitated and adopted out whenever possible to environments that support their well-being and future long-term care. The Horse Shelter’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and facilitate the adoption of abused, abandoned, and neglected horses throughout New Mexico.

Our beautiful state of New Mexico is also fortunate to have several federally-protected wild horse populations left in the state. The largest and best known mustang herd ranges in northern New Mexico between the U.S. Forest Service's (USFS's) Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory (WHT) in the Carson National Forest and the Caracas Mesa Herd Management Area (HMA), managed by the BLM In total, federally-protected wild horses live on less than one percent of federal land in New Mexico.

The Mortgage Place promotes pet adoption through a monthly campaign for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

Since 1939, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter has been dedicated to its mission: support animals, save lives, spread compassion. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter is northern New Mexico's only open-admission, no-kill shelter.

When our borrowers choose to work with us with their shelter needs- they also assist in supporting the needs of the domestic and wild horses of New Mexico and the promotion of adoption of the animals of our land.

The horses featured on our site were photographed by New Mexico artist Kat Livengood.

Kat’s studio is located at 620 Canyon Road, end of Canyon Alley in Santa Fe, NM.

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