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Your MortgagePRO Team member will contact you for additional questions and provide you with a documentation NEEDS LIST.

We offer loans through several outlets — as a mortgage brokerage house we work with local and national companies offering our borrowers the best rates in New Mexico.

VA, USDA, FHA, Conventional, JUMBO, Bank Statement Loans, and grant funding with the Santa Fe Housing Trust.



7 Steps to Owning a Home

STEP 1. Pre-qualify

Chat with a member of our Mortgage Pro Team members to get pre-qualified to understand how much you can effortlessly borrow. Fill out our easy application! Let’s get started.

STEP 2. Documentation Needs!

Our team will give you a needs list of items you will have to submit to secure your loan in process and move it towards the closing date! E-signing your documents and setting up an easy portal to send documents will happen at this point.

STEP 3. Lock in a rate

Loan rates can change daily. We have a variety of mortgage options and many different programs that can help you to get the best rate. As your loan moves to our underwriting team- we will talk about when to lock your rate and the options available.

STEP 4. Appraisal

A professional certified home appraiser will visit the property to determine its value, he or she will contact the listing agent for entrance.

STEP 5. Conditions from Under-writing

Your underwriter will ask for additional documents at this stage. We will send you a detailed NEEDS LIST and ask to have everything back to us within 24 hours.

STEP 6. Approval – Clear to CLOSE!

We’ll review your application, credit report and other financial information to determine your eligibility. The title company will hold funds and documents until the mortgage approval conditions are met. The mortgage note, deed and title will be prepared. The date is set as soon as we get a clear to close from the underwriter. We will advise on the wire to the Title company for pre-paids and down payment.

STEP 7. The Closing Table

The title company will have your documents to sign. It’s yours!! As soon as the funds are transferred-contracts are verified – its time for us to say: “HERE are your KEYS!” It’s time to celebrate! You are a home owner and we here The Mortgage Place Santa Fe will be right there for you during the 7 steps towards owning your new home! Congratulations.


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